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The Fear Surrounding Getting Your Child ...

The Fear Surrounding Getting Your Child Help

“Why are you waiting to get your child help?” “What are you worried will happen if you bring your teen to counseling?” These are questions I have asked hundreds of parents calling me or sitting in my office. Yet, when my husband and I were faced with a decision about seeking speech therapy for our […]

Why You Should BE a Bad Mom

Why You Should BE a Bad Mom, Naphtali Roberts, Help for Your Family, LaCanada Flintridge CA

Am I a Bad Mom? Recently, throngs of women have flocked to theaters to watch the movie Bad Moms. I will admit I was one of them. As I sat in the theater filled with moms, I was struck by the fact that, not only were these women here to laugh, they were also here […]

The One Word that Could Ruin Your Child’

The One Word that Can Ruin Your Child's Health, Naphtali Roberts

It’s Time to Remove this Word  From Your Family’s Vocabulary We hear a lot about dieting and, if we’re hearing it, our kids are hearing it, too. Just like us, what they’re hearing is mostly negative. In our culture, the word diet has come to imply something’s wrong with us—we are fat, or unattractive or […]

Breaking through Your Child’s Anxiety

Breaking through Your Child’s Anxiety

One of the more challenging aspects of parenting is figuring out what your child is trying to say. Sure, most children are pretty direct when they talk, but it’s often their actions that can take a little bit of decoding. That’s because, in general, kids don’t have the capacity to express the emotions they are […]

Talking to Kids about The Charleston Chu...

Talking to Kids about The Charleston Church Massacre

The church massacre in Charleston South Carolina has many parents and adults wondering how to talk to their children about acts of hatred and violence.  As adults, we are often left feeling helpless to address the core questions that the children around us are asking. This is because we too feel vulnerable and without answers […]

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