Worried or Concerned?

Take a moment to think about the children in your life. Are you worried that your child, or another child you know, isn’t thriving? Perhaps you’ve just had a sense that something wasn’t quite right and wondered whether he or she could benefit from child counseling. Maybe you have a more specific cause for concern. For example:

  • Your child has just experienced a traumatic event or loss, or has recently received life-altering news.
  • At school, your child is often being sent to the office or receiving detentions or suspensions.
  • At home, your child’s behavior is getting in the way of his or her daily life and your family’s ability to function without constant worry or conflict.

Family impact

When a child isn’t flourishing, it impacts the whole family. Maybe you feel like you’re failing as a parent because you just don’t know how to help. You may be finding that you and your partner are constantly fighting about how to handle your child’s behavior or mood. On the other hand, it’s possible you simply want to see your child happy and thriving.

Mindfulness and play therapy can help

I often work with children who are highly sensitive. They’re stuck in a loud, busy world that doesn’t give them a chance to cope with their big feelings, so they can’t think their way out of them.

Using a playful and engaging approach, I can help your child learn to pause, take a breath and push the “reset” button, helping them to calm overwhelming feelings. I successfully use play, art and movement to create an environment where kids feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, feelings and experiences. They learn new ways to communicate and new coping skills to deal with the fears that may be keeping them away from school or interfering with their ability to be carefree and thrive in their daily lives.

You have already taken an important step by seeking help.  Now take the next step and contact me here or call (818) 669-4850 to set up an appointment to discuss what your child is currently going through.