Are you parenting peacefully?

Positive ParentingParents and families face many challenges that can affect their happiness. Since 2007, I have helped families from all walks of life gain clarity and strengthen their communication. I’m passionate about helping families thrive.

What’s “normal”?

I know from personal experience that parenting can be difficult. How hard do you push? How much freedom do you give? Is it OK to pause and take a breath? It’s normal to feel like you don’t know always know what to do, or have the answer to every question. You may find yourself thinking:

  • “We fight all the time.”
  • “My partner and I never talk about anything real.”
  • “The only way I get my kids to listen is by yelling.”

If this sounds like what you’re experiencing, I can help you identify what is and isn’t working in your parenting style, and support you in developing positive parenting strategies. We’ll talk about the roots of behavior and how to use positive parenting techniques so you, your partner and your children can respond to stress and move forward in a present and mindful way.

Special needs

When everyone says something different, it can be hard to know what your child needs. This can be even more of a challenge if you have a special needs child. I support families of children with developmental issues or autism spectrum disorder diagnoses, offering consultation, insight and guidance around preschool, pediatrician and other expert recommendations. I can help you sort through referrals, and make informed choices to help your child succeed. I also help families process the challenging feelings that often surround a child’s challenging diagnosis, and I provide a flexible online counseling option for special needs families, because I want to give you every opportunity to help your child thrive.

You have already taken an important step by seeking help.  Now take the next step and contact me here or call (818) 669-4850 to set up an appointment to discuss the issues you and your family are currently facing.