Just Surviving?

Are you thriving, or just surviving? If you stop and think about it, the answer to that question may be the key to unraveling many of your daily struggles. When your challenges become overwhelming, you can find yourself paralyzed by anxiety, or lost in depression. Working together, we can explore the experiences that have led you to the way you’re feeling, and find ways to help shift your mindset.


We’ll do this by paying attention. When you are feeling overwhelmed by your situation or emotions, it’s sometimes difficult to focus on what’s happening because you get hijacked by your feelings. You’re not alone in this—it happens to almost everyone confronting intense emotions. Paying attention, or mindfulness, is a way for you to step away from the overwhelm and take a breath. When you have that pause—that break in the chaos—you can begin to see things more clearly, revealing a path to the heart of the issue that will lead you back to wholeness.

You can find yourself in emotional distress for a variety of reasons. You may have experienced some traumatic event, and you’re having difficulty adjusting. Maybe your experiencing ongoing trauma, like the effects of having suffered abuse as a child, or more recent sexual abuse. Perhaps you find yourself confronting issues in your marriage or in your relationships with family, friends or co-workers. It may be that you are struggling with everyday life transitions, like a career change or relocation, or the sense of grief and loss that can come with greater changes, like the death of a loved one or divorce.

Searching for Fulfillment ?

On the other hand, things might generally be going well for you, but you still have a nagging sense of world-weariness or lack of fulfillment. While you may not be slipping into depression, the things that once held great promise for you have lost their luster and what once excited you is now a chore. Perhaps you’re feeling vaguely troubled in a way that doesn’t run down the road of full blown anxiety or all-consuming worry, but has you circling back to the thought something, somewhere has been left undone.

No matter the problems or concerns you may be facing, I am committed to meeting you where you are, and that doesn’t just mean emotionally. While I do typically work in a traditional office setting, I also offer Walk-and-Talk Therapy, as well as a concierge service, where I come to you. Whichever way you choose for us to work together, I am confident we can find a way for you to surmount your challenges, get over the barriers keeping you from happiness and bring you back to a place of joy, fulfillment and peace.

You have already taken an important step by seeking help.  Now take the next step and contact me here or call (818) 669-4850 to set up an appointment to discuss what you are facing.