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The Fearful Parent

The Fearful Parent Naphtali Roberts, LaCanada Flintridge CA

Anxious or Fearful Parenting Sometimes it feels like not a week goes by where you don’t hear about a mass killing, a child eaten by an alligator, a teen killed in an auto accident, a college freshman killing themselves because of overwhelming stress or an adolescent starving themselves to reach that perfect weight or gain […]

A Family Guide for Starting College

A Family Guide for Starting College

A Different Kind of ‘College Prep’ As your family gets ready to send your college freshman off to school in the fall, the summer can quickly become filled with all the preparations leading up to that. Your teen may be spending her summer with peers, while dreaming of the fall and the start of the […]

Breaking through Your Child’s Anxiety

Breaking through Your Child’s Anxiety

One of the more challenging aspects of parenting is figuring out what your child is trying to say. Sure, most children are pretty direct when they talk, but it’s often their actions that can take a little bit of decoding. That’s because, in general, kids don’t have the capacity to express the emotions they are […]

10 Signs of College Admission Anxiety an...

10 Signs of College Admission Anxiety and How to Help Your Child

As the deadline for college application due dates quickly approaches, many high school seniors find themselves experiencing heightened levels of anxiety.  Parents might notice their senior seems slightly more moody or distracted as they focus on their college applications and wait patiently (or not) for acceptance or rejection from their desired colleges. Senior year for […]

Talking to Kids about The Charleston Chu...

Talking to Kids about The Charleston Church Massacre

The church massacre in Charleston South Carolina has many parents and adults wondering how to talk to their children about acts of hatred and violence.  As adults, we are often left feeling helpless to address the core questions that the children around us are asking. This is because we too feel vulnerable and without answers […]

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